Tuesday, September 28, 2010

State of mind, Time passing us by

Thought i'd try a new style today hope you all enjoy it

I sit here thinking
Wondering why it is things have come to be
The life we have lost and the lives we have gained
I know I wouldnt trade some of these things for the world
But I also know I miss the way it all was back when I was younger
The girls I've loved, the friends no longer with us, being with family laughing
I sit here wondering
What happened to the good old days and why do I hate it now
What happened to the fun and where did the time go
I still have fun sometimes, I still go out and chill
The past has shaped me to who I am and I can't complain
Then times gonna pass me by again, i'm gonna get older, and then I'll miss the days like this

Monday, September 27, 2010


I am a lonely soul
In a world without hope
Rejected by those who are closest
I have nowhere to go
I have always tried
But I can't find another
Am I destined to be lost
Alone I cry
No matter what I do
It turns out the same
I am losing touch
Reality has faded from my grasp

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dancing in the crimson moonlight

Dancing in the night
crimson rivers overflowing
pain and suffering long diminished
the stench of death arises at every corner
in every alley, in every home
dancing in the night
hearts torn apart
all memories long forgotten
the sinister shadows lengthen
dancing in the night
screaming in agony
my body is being torn apart
a flash of crimson and no more

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I remember the way things used to be when the sky was blue and the world was new and we thought we had a clue.
Now it seems like the skies are grey, all you do is pay, and theres nothing that you can say.
Only thing you can do is look ahead, through the pain you've bled, because someday youll be dead.
But it doesnt matter its all up to you, the skies are still true, and you survived everything you've been through.
So take a step and make amends, no matter what life sends, live it up now cause in the end you'll be wearing depends.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rise into Darkness

Only when I am finished will I know my errors
I see the crimson trails left behind me and all I can do is laugh
I wasn't always this way, I was once a saint
But all of that has changed now
My god has betrayed me and taken all that I have loved from me
I believed I was in hell until the shadows began to caress me
I saw that virtue can only lead to more pain
The good lord? Ha! the church has lied
I know how sick this lord they speak of truly is
They say his son was a saviour?
His son was merely a pawn who dealt only in lies
Now I am the dark dealer
Now I am the keeper
Now I am the one who shall destroy this world
Now I Am The One Who Will Shatter Your God

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Truth behind blue eyes

gonna go on the opposite spectrum today and post a poem i wrote for my first love a long time ago when i was still new to writing hope you all enjoy and feel free to follow and stay tuned for more :)

I see the truth in those eyes
You do not love me but that is a lie
For I see into your heart
The love hidden within the dark
All you need to do is to believe
Just tell me so that you you may be relieved
I will never leave your side
You must not believe you have lied
If you wish to see, My heart will carry you across the sea
Please just come to me, I will truly set you free

thank you everyone for your support so far :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Altered Reality

Bleeding corridors, Twisted at last
Madness flowing, The crimson moon has risen
Deceiving light, All rivers darken
Maniacal laughter, This false truth is discovered
Darkness revealed, the mirror shatters
Altered reflection, No longer shall we see
Forgotten Dreams, The nightmare continues
Scarlett lies, This is the final act
Torturous eternity, I die alone

Friday, September 17, 2010

Between the lines

I sit here weaving through time
Looking around me seeing only something so evident
Dark and deprived humanity is within its existence
Shallow breaths break the sinister silence
The echos within our minds are lamented, betrayed

This heart beats in a synchronizing pattern
Weakening, Withering, being torn to shreds
Always I have wondered, why do we go on?
Realizing pain is quintessential for our twisted reality

I watch as you mock us from behind that thin veil
You are not a god, your a man, sick, exactly like us

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Forgotten in death
Remember my last cold breath
Shattered in the wake

hope you all enjoy