Sunday, September 19, 2010

Truth behind blue eyes

gonna go on the opposite spectrum today and post a poem i wrote for my first love a long time ago when i was still new to writing hope you all enjoy and feel free to follow and stay tuned for more :)

I see the truth in those eyes
You do not love me but that is a lie
For I see into your heart
The love hidden within the dark
All you need to do is to believe
Just tell me so that you you may be relieved
I will never leave your side
You must not believe you have lied
If you wish to see, My heart will carry you across the sea
Please just come to me, I will truly set you free

thank you everyone for your support so far :)


  1. nice poem =D

    Can somebody explain what my adsense html snippet is and how to get to it on my blog? thanks =]

    also, your post reminded me of the song, behind blue eyes =P

  2. theres so much meaning in that poem

  3. your peom is nice <3
    oh and i have my diablo 3 update :) check it out its quite a find ^^

  4. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog :)

  5. I enjoyed giving your post a few glances over. I admire your style. I intend to check back often. Thanks

  6. Nice man..I feel like i can relate to this one the most out of all the ones I read