Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm Back, and a new poem just wrote it and wanted to share

Im sorry I havent posted anything in a few years life has been a bit crazy

I probably have not written anything since I last logged in mainly due to lack of time to myself and health problems.


So long it has been
Yet it is as though
Yesterday it seems
Was so far ago

So many times
I believed I could
Fade in the lines
Be buried in wood

To be forgot
Even if it was
All just a thought
Head in a buzz

Heart full of pain
What they did
Made it rain
My smile Forbid

Sad in my eyes
black horizons grow
and cover the skies
I did not know

I faded away and am nowhere to be found

- Franklin Vickers

September 16th 2014

May our dark hearts awaken again one day

Monday, December 12, 2011


taken from you has left me weak
i can no longer linger
i love you but i cant go on
i must end it at once
this reality is of darkness
i am shattered without you
so i am faced with this one choice
i regret this choice
i have promised you
but... i cant keep it
i must for the sake of mind
we were meant to be
our love was so strong
how am i able to throw it away
i do not know
i have no inspiration for life
other than you
i thought i never needed more
but... now i see
i was wrong
i was so very wrong
i am sorry
but... i must
goodbye my love
if only ...
we had met in a different time
to the darkness i shall depart
and in hell i shall think of you
you are my only light
in this shallow realm
i can not accept defeat
but.. defeat has destroyed me
we are so distant
that it makes me cry
i am not a crying man
but... for you i will
i will miss you
i can not stop thinking of you
this is not your fault
it is the fault of life
i could not face it
i just couldn't chance it

- Franklin Wayne Vickers

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

quick haiku

winter weather cold
christmas time is coming soon
gifts love family

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Thursday, February 10, 2011


I Am The Son of Light

Yet I Am Akin Only To Darkness

I Am A Paradox of Thought And Sinister Virtue

Though I May Help You When You Are Lost

I Am Twisted At Best And Courteous Always

But One Day I Will Rip, Tear And Kill You

I Am A Saint My Halo Is of Crimson Glass

I Will Hunt You, You Will Not Escape

Redemtion Is Unnecessary, I Cannot Save You

Truth Is A Lie, You Should Know That By Now

Your Scarlet Tears Do Not Hold Me Back

Angels Will Cry When My Work Is Finished

My Demented Soul Is An Outcast To All

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i sit here dwelling deeper and deeper
shredding the heart i once held dear
this misery is intensifying every moment i breath
oh how i would enjoy choking out my life

you sit there playing your games
you say all the things she wants to hear
you steal her heart away from my own
oh how i would enjoy tearing out his eyes

she sits there laughing
she listens to the things he says
she falls from his manipulations
oh how i enjoy looking into her sinister eyes

losing my grip
wishing to mend
drugs arent enough
god please finish me off

Friday, December 10, 2010


creeping slowly behind your eyes
taking your mind by suprise
darkness dwelling
chaos melding
forgotten terrors
within the mirrors
truth is a lie
you are about to die
ripping your heart shred to shred
just like me your now dead
sinisterly i laugh
you never had a path
in hell you burn
in nightmares you turn
no escape
you cant fight fate