Thursday, October 28, 2010


Wandering for time has ceased
Yet I continue
I no longer remember freedom
My key
My soul
This dungeon I search
For an exit to forgiveness
I truly give up all hope
How long must I suffer
I answer
I try to forget
Remorse finds the way
Life is forever lost
Guilt has shown it's face
I want to turn away
To return to the way it was
Like nothing had happened
Such things are my imprisonment
If only...
I could find a way to forgiveness
Forever I must search

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hidden Truth

All I see is darkness
All I feel is pain
Forever I have searched
I have nothing to show
Too long I have drifted
Too long I have waited
I am becoming cold
I am becoming heartless
I sense my soul has blackened
I know my light has extinguished
Always I will search
Always I will be trapped

Friday, October 15, 2010


Closing in the eternity binds us
Waiting our demise horrified we stand
Reaching though we may never escape
The darkness is overwhelming
We stand but we can never win
This oblivion is our punishment
For we sought absolute power
We fell to our corruptution
Our shredded souls are constant reminder
We slaughterred our own
Forgiveness shall never come

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whirlwind of Misery

I don't know why I ever tried in this suffocation
I don't know why I even tried to live this lie
I am surrounded by a whirlwind of misery
I do not know if i will ever come out alive
I feel as though I have been stripped to the bone
I feel so hollow that even death is a step forward
Why did I not just die
Why did I not just fall
Everything has been torn from me and I cannot understand how
Everyone has betrayed me and I am left alone
I have seen the eye of the storm, but I am too shattered to go on
I did try,but I did not die, so i am left only to cry

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Like lambs to the slaughter

I am followed and shall manipulate their untainted minds
Tortured souls they are and I am their leader
They shall do my chaos or I shall shatter thier will
Though they are weak, in numbers I will prevail
These lost souls, so easy to corrupt
I have blackened their spirit and narrowed all thought
They praise me like a god, I will betray every last one
They are destined for destruction so I will quicken the pace
Amateurs, but lethal they have not let me down
So loyal, all commands are met and unrewarded
Though they do not know they have damned themselves and cannot be forgiven
I have desimated their sought salvation like fools they still serve me
Minions of eternity and madness have made me the lord of the darkened throne

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alone I Stand

Alone I stand no companions no hope
I stare ahead with only the echoes in my mind
False memories and broken dreams are all I see

Alone I stand in a world of apparent equality
Singled out I feel that no one is there
I pretended to be false but I crumbled and I broke

Alone I stand without a past nor future
I feel that nothing matters emptiness inside
I am only to be what others reject

Alone I Stand yet I am forced to exist
Even still I help others in need
Yet I will not become as they

Alone I Stand in a world of dreams
Forever I am shunned though I try not to be
In this life I cannot be accepted

Alone I stand but still I fall
I am what I am you can never change that
For I stand alone in a world of deceit

Sunday, October 3, 2010

sorry was away for the weekend, and came back to my room trashed, cat feces and cookies everywhere, seriously wtf happened while i was away, the roomates arent here and probably in hiding, wanted to knock someone out when i opened my door, but thats just my luck, leave and things happen in ways that dont compute, missing my nice tidy room, sitting here smokin a cig and trying not to flip, newer posts when im done cleaning this pathetic filth left by the retarded stoners, at least im the kind of stoner who can keep things in order, others are simply a disgrace.