Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alone I Stand

Alone I stand no companions no hope
I stare ahead with only the echoes in my mind
False memories and broken dreams are all I see

Alone I stand in a world of apparent equality
Singled out I feel that no one is there
I pretended to be false but I crumbled and I broke

Alone I stand without a past nor future
I feel that nothing matters emptiness inside
I am only to be what others reject

Alone I Stand yet I am forced to exist
Even still I help others in need
Yet I will not become as they

Alone I Stand in a world of dreams
Forever I am shunned though I try not to be
In this life I cannot be accepted

Alone I stand but still I fall
I am what I am you can never change that
For I stand alone in a world of deceit


  1. Very deep thoughts, dark is a way, light is a place

  2. That was a pretty good poem, hope to see more soon!

  3. Supp Bro
    the fuckin list has been deleted!

  4. good poem !

    supporting you
    take care

  5. I liked what you said on my blog earlier today... GTL and blogging FTW!

  6. you've got some good insight in this post :)

  7. that's a unique perspective on it!

  8. alone i stand without a past nor future. this is awesome man, nice job!

  9. i like this one, youve got quite the imagination