Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm Back, and a new poem just wrote it and wanted to share

Im sorry I havent posted anything in a few years life has been a bit crazy

I probably have not written anything since I last logged in mainly due to lack of time to myself and health problems.


So long it has been
Yet it is as though
Yesterday it seems
Was so far ago

So many times
I believed I could
Fade in the lines
Be buried in wood

To be forgot
Even if it was
All just a thought
Head in a buzz

Heart full of pain
What they did
Made it rain
My smile Forbid

Sad in my eyes
black horizons grow
and cover the skies
I did not know

I faded away and am nowhere to be found

- Franklin Vickers

September 16th 2014

May our dark hearts awaken again one day

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