Monday, December 12, 2011


taken from you has left me weak
i can no longer linger
i love you but i cant go on
i must end it at once
this reality is of darkness
i am shattered without you
so i am faced with this one choice
i regret this choice
i have promised you
but... i cant keep it
i must for the sake of mind
we were meant to be
our love was so strong
how am i able to throw it away
i do not know
i have no inspiration for life
other than you
i thought i never needed more
but... now i see
i was wrong
i was so very wrong
i am sorry
but... i must
goodbye my love
if only ...
we had met in a different time
to the darkness i shall depart
and in hell i shall think of you
you are my only light
in this shallow realm
i can not accept defeat
but.. defeat has destroyed me
we are so distant
that it makes me cry
i am not a crying man
but... for you i will
i will miss you
i can not stop thinking of you
this is not your fault
it is the fault of life
i could not face it
i just couldn't chance it

- Franklin Wayne Vickers

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